# load RSQLite > library(RSQLite) # connect database > conn <- dbConnect(SQLite(), "susa.db") # get our team member names > names <- dbGetQuery(conn, "SELECT name FROM team ORDER BY position") > cat(paste("Our current team members: ", names, "\n")) Our current team members: # load ggplot2 > library(ggplot2) # generate gamma distribution ggplot code > susa_curves <- ggplot(data.frame(x=seq(0, 5, length=100)), aes(x)) + + theme_void() + + scale_x_continuous(expand=c(0,0)) + + scale_y_continuous(expand=c(0,0)) + + ylim(c(0, 1.5)) + + ggtitle('Statistics Undergraduate Student Association') > parameters <- list(c(1,1), c(1,2), c(2,1), c(2,2), c(3,3)) > for (parameter in parameters) { + susa_curves <- susa_curves + stat_function(fun=dgamma, args=parameter, n=1000) + } # show plot > curves

SUSA is currently undergoing internal changes and will soon be open for all students, stay in tune with the EdStem (Stat 001)!

Welcome to SUSA!

SUSA is the Statistics Undergraduate Student Association at the University of California, Berkeley!

We offer an all inclusive student association that strives to improve the quality of studying statistics as an undergraduate by providing open and accessible resources and services to each and every member of the campus community. Every event is open to the entire Cal community, so we encourage you to come to our events!

Our events will be held throughout the semester and details about current and past event schedules/materials can be found on the events page.

We also offer study guides for the introductory classes that students study for and other various resources to facilitate your statistics academic experience quality. These can be found on the resources page.

Our team consists of a president, treasurer, secretary, internal, external, and advisory committee. You can find out more about our team here.

Who can join SUSA?

Anyone can join SUSA! Membership is free and inclusive of all members of Cal and anyone can come to events!
Feel free to attend any event, or talk to us on our Discord to get to know us first!


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Check out our latest newsletter: https://susa.berkeley.edu/newletter . This page is always updated with the latest newsletter content.

Course Map

We have developed a course map for Statistics courses that is still under development, but you can access it at: https://susa.berkeley.edu/course-map . Some known issues are: there is there a lot of missing information and positioning of circles could be improved substantially